Sour Patch Kids Cereal: A Review

Posted on by Jack Johnson

The milk in our fridge often turns sour due to bacteria that consumes lactose to make lactic acid. The acid that is created decreases the pH levels of the milk making it taste sour. All you need to do is take a whiff and you will know that your milk is spoiled. It is an unfamiliar pungent smell and a disgusting taste especially when you pour it over your cereal without first doing a smell-test. So, you can either do this or you can just prepare yourself a bowl of the new Sour Patch Kid cereal from Post.

Milk and Sour are two of the most contrasting words in the food industry. Food companies and consumers both usually avoid the taste palette that has both these aspects together. Considering this, the attempt by Post to step up and create this candy-flavored cereal was as big a step as any other. The puffs are the size and shape of actual Sour Patch Kids candy and tastes somewhat like the Froot Loops. The outside is dusted with the classic sour patch sour sugar.

Some people say that the problem with the cereal is that it makes the milk taste sour as the sour sugar dissolves in the milk too quick, which is a bad thing for the people who cherish the simple pleasure of drinking up the milk after having the cereal. We used to believe that only chocolate flavored junk food was worthy of being transformed into cereals but after this bold step taken by Post what more can we expect to see as a cereal?

Corporate synergy is taking over the food industry too. Doritos turned into tacos, Froot Loops turned into donuts and Oreos becoming a cereal we do not know where this all will stop. The similar buzz was created when Sour Patch Kids was turned into a cereal. A lot of us have already tried the new soon-to-be released cereal flavor and people have posted some amazing reviews of the invention. Some claimed to have liked it while some were utterly disgusted.

It has been speculated that the cereal more or less tastes like Sour Patch Fruity Pebbles, in a good way. In a nutshell if you ever feel like being a kid and starting the day with a handful of candies and specifically Sour Pour Kids, the cereal is your answer.



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