• Cotton Candy Ice Cream Trends in USA

    Cotton Candy Ice Cream Trends in USA
    There is always something magical about ice creams. Nobody is sure as to what attracts them the most whether it is the creamy texture or the multi-layer swirl, but today in 2019 soft serve can be found presented with an edible floating cloud of cotton candy, only enhancing the magical appeal. The Milk Train in London and the Aqua S in Sidney, Australia are the two of the first eateries and soft-serve joints to have come up with this amazing...

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  • The Best Rated Sour Candy in USA

    The Best Rated Sour Candy in USA
    Sour candies are the candy treats that all of us grew up eating and some of us are still in live with. The satisfying combination of tart and sweet is something that never ends to please us. A lot of people have their loyalties to certain sour candy brands that the always enjoy, but we would certainly want to know which sour candies are the best in ranking and which ones are the tastiest and of highest quality. We have...

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  • The History of Caramel Candy

    The History of Caramel Candy
    Everyone relates to caramel in a special way. There is nothing in this world that would taste better sitting in front of the tv watching a movie than a chewy caramel candy. There are many different types of caramel, from sauces to wrapped treats, and many of these are easily made at home. Caramel is the most versatile confection in the world. While the exact history of caramel is unknown, it is recorded that about 1650 American settlers were making...

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