• Gobstoppers: The Candy of the 80s

    Have you ever come across a candy that backs up the naivety of young age more than the Gobstoppers? As kids we were all excited to accept the candy challenge that was put forward by the “Jawbreakers”. Nobody cared about the choking hazards or the cavities or any other harmful thing that could happen. After all these years, one might wonder that people would not allow their kids to try out or get fond of this amazing childhood favorite due...

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  • Sour Patch Kids Cereal: A Review

    The milk in our fridge often turns sour due to bacteria that consumes lactose to make lactic acid. The acid that is created decreases the pH levels of the milk making it taste sour. All you need to do is take a whiff and you will know that your milk is spoiled. It is an unfamiliar pungent smell and a disgusting taste especially when you pour it over your cereal without first doing a smell-test. So, you can either do...

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  • Ring Pop: Evolution Over the Time

    Ring Pop: Evolution Over the Time
    Ring Pops are a masterpiece in their own self. All of us have tried Ring Pop at least once in our lives and that too for a very good reason otherwise how often have you eaten your own jewelry. It is one of those precious novelty candies that we cannot have afford to miss out on and a candy that has always received positive reviews. But have you ever thought as to where did these gems originate from? What do...

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