Candy Facts

Posted on by Jack Johnson

What is more fun than eating our favorite treats? YES! The fun facts and gossips about our all-time favorite sweet treats. So, let’s have a look at the most unusual and unknown to-date Facts about our favorite candies:

Did you guys know?

  • We seem to have been eating too much Candy. Right? But did you know that only 2% of the total American Diet is supplied by Candy?

  • Germans eat twice as much as candies as we Americans do.

  • Baby Ruth: First sold in 1920, the Baby Ruth candy bars were actually named for President Grover Cleveland’s daughter and not the famous baseball player.

  • Hershey’s: Milton Hershey of Lancaster, PA introduced the first Hershey milk chocolate bar in 1900 and Hershey’s Kisses appeared in their familiar foil wraps in 1906.

  • Snickers Bar: M&M/Mars introduced the Snickers Chocolate Bars in 1930. The bar was named after the horse owned by the Mars Family. Today it is the most widely selling candy bar in the USA.

  • Sugar Daddies were actually called “Papa Suckers”.

  • Banana is the actual flavor of Circus Peanuts.

  • During the middle ages in Europe, the high cost of Candy made it available to only the riches.

  • M&M’s: Those two Ms in M&M’s stand for the surnames of the two businessmen, Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie, who introduced and financed the candy-coated chocolates and are the owners of the Mars Family.


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