Facts about Chocolate That You Are Completely Unaware Of

Posted on by Jack Johnson

Here are some strange and weird facts about chocolate that even chocolate lovers don’t know… believe it or not, chocolate is not something sweet to eat its happiness in a bar….

  1. In Mayan times chocolate was used as money and considered to be worth more than gold dust.
  2. You can die if you eat too much chocolate as it contains Theo-bromine which can cause heart failure, acute kidney damage, seizures.
  3. Your chocolate probably contains bugs. Around eight insect parts per bar but it is FDA approved.
  4. The chocolate chip cookie was an accident.
  5. Chocolate makes us happy it is chemically proven. It is good for a mood swing.
  6. Americans consume almost half of the world’s chocolate.
  7. Chocolate is actually a kind of vegetable.

Chocolate Is The Answer Who Cares What Your Question Is!!



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