Healthy Energy Bars: An Opinion

Posted on by Jack Johnson

People all around the world understand and believe that it is off-limits to eat cereals with high sugar content. Captain Crunch’s Frosted Flakes or Lucky Charms are meant to be consumed until one is in middle school. In college too it is consumed in order to tackle nostalgia when you sit in the cafeterias early in the morning fo0r an 8:00 am class. But after that cereal are hardly consumed as a daily meal food. Parenting pushes us back into the phase when we raise our young kids and occasionally sneak a bowl from their cereal boxes as a running late to drop them off to school remedy.

Not just cereals but this strategy is viable for a lot of other evils that we find sitting in the grocery stores, like soda, chips, candy bars, etc. All these things including cereals have a bad reputation with fitness-freaks and health-conscious people and if not this at least these things bring up a feeling of guilt whenever they are consumed by people. 

In today’s world it has become very easy for consumers to identify the good foods from absolutely crap ones thanks to the awareness created about the products like, high-fructose corn syrup/hydrogenated oil enlightenments. Chocolate and Almond-Butter Cups, flavored water and vegetable chips are all here to our rescue whenever we want to eat junk but cannot afford to consume calories.

Although, people have become very well-aware of their daily meal and food needs there is still one thing that poses a state of confusion among the people even in 2019. That thing is “Bars”. We have often seen energy, protein and granola bars being consumed by athletes and office employees as a healthy solution to their snacking needs, but we have never come across anything that proves that these bars are beneficial and healthy.

The energy, protein and granola bars’ success is a result of marketing strategies and their long-term association with athletes and marathoners. But we have never given this a thought that the people and athletes that these energy bars were originally designed for were very active and did not have to sit in front of the computer screens all day long. They had means to digest and make up for even the terrible ingredient that would harm a normal person badly.

But here’s the thing: those ingredients aren’t a secret. Every bar on the market is legally obligated to print its Nutritional Facts and ingredients right there on the packet. If you know what to look for, you can immediately make an informed decision on whether you should be eating it.

So, choose wisely a to what you are saying yes to and what you are choosing as these small things can prove to be more harmful that beneficial.



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