What to Watch Out for In an Energy Bar?

Posted on by Jack Johnson

Choosing the nutrition bar that suits is as important as planning a meal if you are on a look out for your weight. Here are a few tips and areas to watch out for when you are looking to find the perfect nutrition bar:


Trans-Fats are more commonly known as “partially hydrogenated oils”. Most of the trans-fats are generally produced by injecting hydrogen into the vegetable oils. Why would people want to do such a thing is a big question and the answer to that is because they provide us with oil which ensure a longer shelf-life. While it is said that GMOs do not harm a human body but trans-fat on the other hand might cause risks for stroke, heart attack and diabetes (Type II).


Although we have always been considering sugar while consuming an energy bar, but it also needs a special mention in the list of things that we need to avoid. Although sugar makes things delicious, it is not a very good idea to incorporate it in every snack. When you are looking to choose an energy bar that suits you the most we should also look out for fructose corn syrups, agave and brown rice syrups which are also the types of sugar.              

Artificial Ingredients:

“Artificial Ingredients” is like a vague term that covers a lot of things that fall into the category of being synthetic food. It is very important for us to know what exactly we are consuming in the name of artificial ingredients. The main purpose of having an energy bar is to find a healthy alternative to our rather junky snacks but it will not be helpful if we consumed the artificial foods anyways. The point to remember is that even if your energy bar says that it is sourcing its protein from soy or whey it is not a good thing because both these products along with a whole lot more of other products go through a lot processing.

In a nutshell, there are a lot of ingredients that we need to watch out for when we choose our energy bar if we do not want our journey to health turn into a disaster even after starving ourselves for a great deal of time and all the heavy workouts.  



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