• The Ultimate Present

    The Ultimate Present
    Chocolate Gift Box: The Ultimate Present Some people are extremely hard to shop for especially when it comes to giving away the perfect gift. All of us have been through that phase where we have to choose a gift for a loved one who already seems to have it all. So do not worry because Shack-OH-Merry has you covered with the ideas for the all-time perfect gift: Chocolate.  If you are unable to figure out what to gift someone for...

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  • Chocolate and Health

    Chocolate is the most ultimate comfort food, the best stand-by in times of stress and a mood-enhancer and romance-inducer in more positive circumstances. But is it at all healthy? Despite its bad reputation for causing weight gain and obesity, a number of health benefits are associated with eating chocolate on regular basis. So the next time you eat chocolate, you might not feel very guilty about it.  Made from the tropical theobroma cacao tree seeds, chocolate’s use dates back to...

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  • Best Keto Protein Bars

    People have been nailing their keto-based breakfasts, lunches and dinners, but when we feel hungry between the meals what is a keto-dieter supposed to do in order to snacks keto too. Yes, we know that a piece of cheese or a boiled egg is a good option, but we get bored of it at times. People most of the times go for the snacks that are easy to carry around and boiled eggs and chees is obviously not that.  Ready-to-eat...

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