TheClubPrice is strategically position with its Unique Key Propositions, which covers
1. Best customer services through best merchandising, price match guarantee and quick delivery
2. At the heart of TheClubPrice, our aim is that, you enjoy variety at affordability, which means now you do not have to buy a box to avail wholesale price, now you can buy individual chocolate candy, snacks and much more at wholesale price. This means
a. You can buy variety product instead of single box.
b. You will save while buying online
c. And you will get points for next shipping
d. In addition, enjoy promotions and contest.
3. Our shipping starts at $4.99 and enjoy Free Shipping on order over $49
4. We offer 24x7 services
5. Enjoy our mystery box with 20% discount and category / brand box at 10% discount. These box comes with tag price of $29 with free shipping.


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