The Club Price Introduces Wholesale Pricing
For Food Orders of Any Size
The Club Price, a family-owned company offering candies and snack items at wholesale prices, is working to change the face of online ordering. No longer do consumers have to order in bulk to secure lower prices for the products they buy. With The Club Price, customers can order as little as one item at a time – or as many as they like – to get discounted prices.
This new online company offers a wide range of popular treats, more than 2,500 items that include everything from chocolates and other candies, to chips, crackers, nuts, gum, energy drinks and more. Their very first order automatically makes purchasers members of The Club Price, with discounts kicking in from the outset. 
To become a member, one merely selects his or her first order and completes the purchase. It’s that simple. There are no annual fees, renewals or minimum purchase requirements. You can order as often as you like, customizing your product selection and quantity, and receive the discounted price every time.
Snack lovers are not the only ones who benefit from this innovative ordering concept. By customizing their orders to their exact needs, consumers reduce the waste from excess packaging and spoiled product that is so common with bulk ordering. This eliminates tons of trash normally headed for the landfill and reduces the carbon footprint…a big step in helping to save the environment.
The Club Price, a Texas-based merchant that ships throughout the United States, also delivers specialty snack boxes, surprise packs and seasonal items to give consumers even more attractive choices. Items are delivered within 2 to 5 days of ordering, to maintain freshness, an important focus of the company.
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